Aenaon Dance Theater

Aenaon Dance Theater

The human being is forged in such a way as to always want to grasp a «concrete» logic. Why then it could not be possible to embrace, for once, the «logic» of a dream? The instinctive relation which exists between different human beings at the same time, in the same place, with a silent, common agreement, establishes naturally a creation-oriented universe.

The strength, the truth, the reason of being for a performance is to approach the breath of its time at the closest in order to reveal its mystery.

Dance, although the most archetypal of the arts, cannot deny the technique and will thus give birth to a new kind of spectacle, through the control of the evolving body.

Every generation’s creation is crossed by specific structures, because the human being is defined as well in Space as in Time.

Consequently, all variations are allowed and all forms wait only to be revealed…

AENAON begins a new period of work.

The artists of the company form a coherent group in their common aspiration to the work, while not questioning their personal ones, in spite of the various disciplines which become their means of technical expression.

This human palette, this plurality of opinions and techniques, proposes constantly new choreographic options and does not make way for a linguistic routine of the dance vocabulary, nor to the automatism of writing.

The elaboration is slower, more thoughtful, than previously and more personal vis-à-vis the needs of the interpreters, yet also closer to my desires which have livened up my first ardour.

The choice of the programs assembled here constitutes a human choice inspired by my dancers and by the presence by my side of women who represent the majority of the company.

Aenaon Dance Theater Dimitra AntonakiFotini AsimakopoulouEleni GiannoudiAriadni FilippakiElena KekouElena KontogoniAvgi PanagiotopoulouAngela PatseliVivi StamouliFilitsa ThomopoulouHarris GkekasThanasis Solomos
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