for 9 female & 6 male dancers

First performance: 03/09/1980, Theatre of the Quarries of Vyronas (Melina Mercouri)
Music: César Franck, Serguei Rachmaninov, Jean Guillou, Keith Jarrett
Music: Sound structures II, by sculptor Takis

My encounter with the painter Alexis Akrithakis on December 1978 occurred during the first steps of the creation of this ballet. I had already seen his works at Fofi’s, his wife’s restaurant (his famous luggage made of painted wood, evidence perhaps of his bohemian temperament), while working with the ‘Deutsches Oper’ in Berlin. When we finally met, I spoke to him of a ballet that I wanted to create, staging Prometheus, Icarus and the French poet Rimbaud on the theme of his «Drunken Boat».

As I was speaking, not only did he sketch the ballet’s structure, but also captured certain choreographic indications of mine… To me, he was just like Rimbaud himself and we became close friends since.

In July, in Athens, Alexis presented me to Iolas who started by supporting financially the bal-let, only to become later on the patron of the company. He presented me to the sculptor Takis who have offered me the recordings of his «Sound Structures» in order to complete the musical “universe” of the ballet.

Minos Volanakis was the person who proposed to us a magical place for the opening night; the quarries of Vyronas, which became later the Theatre Melina Mercouri.

Aenaon Dance Theater - Daniel Lommel