for 2 female & 1 male dancers

First performance: 05/06/2007, Contemporary Theatre of Athens
Music: Anna Stereopoulou

It is always fascinating to transpose theatrical plays into ballet, but I have to say the enjoyment with which I worked on «The Lesson», thanks to the meeting with Sǿren Olsen, Eugène Ionesco's spiritual son.

Sǿren had sent me the French text of Ionesco’s intervention on the Danish television during the creation of the ballet of Flemming Flindt. Ionesco was underlining the fact that the proposed interpretation was far from the spirit of his play, belonging even to another kind of theatre than his. Hence, I understood that in order to succeed in my work, I should not use the title as such, but that it was also necessary to analyse with great intensity the very text of Ionesco.

As follows, I have found very precise, almost choreographic, indications of the brilliant author; he describes even that for the moment in the scene which precedes the murder, it is a tango! From that moment on, everything became obvious for me. To bring out the whole story, I have decided to start all over again the beginning of my play with the arrival of another student, quite as Ionesco wrote it…

Aenaon Dance Theater - Daniel Lommel