for 2 female & 1 male dancers

First performance: 05/06/2007, Contemporary Theatre of Athens
Music: Sound structures by Socos rb 1974
Music: Hyperythmique analogue pt. 2. Tapping study for solo guitar (2007)
Music: SnoOzelanD. Electric string quartet (2003)
Music: Hyperythmique analogue pt. 1. Study for prepared guitar (2007)

The Jean-Paul Sartre’s play «No Exit» has always fascinated me and was a kind of personal bet.

Having danced Maurice Béjart’s ballet for many years, I felt the need to create my own adaptation. Was it to break free from the influence that Maurice always had on me, or to affirm myself, I still do not know exactly…

Be that as it may, this work became a factor of transformation for me; it constrained me to direct myself towards another dance vocabulary in order to translate feelings more internal, more human, more plain…

Aenaon Dance Theater - Daniel Lommel