2 - FRAGMENTS OF LOVE (Tribute to Manos Hadjidakis)
for 9 female & 6 male dancers

First performance: 08/05/2003, Contemporary Theatre of Athens
Music: Manos Hadjidakis, Michalis Chavantas

My life was not the life of a musician.
It was rather one of a dangerous and troubled young
man, where Music somehow succeeded in calmin
him down and to grant him with a «legal aspect».

I met Manos Hadjidakis for the first time in 1965, when Maurice Béjart made the choreography for the «Birds» of Aristophanes. Since the first moment, I liked his music, as well as the man who, in addition to his musical genius, carried in him the scents of his country, which I only knew through my books and historic research.

Since my arrival in Greece, I have followed his artistic career in a diligent way. The friendship which bound us, as well as the magic of his music, urged me to compose a choreography dedicated to his work, greatly appreciated in Greece and abroad.

The short histories, memoirs and anecdotes of his past gave birth to the «Fragments of Love», a tribute to a precious artist who left his mark on this century.

Aenaon Dance Theater - Daniel Lommel