BAROQUE, did you say?
for 9 female & 6 male dancers

First performance: 01/06/2005, Theatre Argo of Athens
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach

The reason for which the moderns hold the Baroque architecture
in a new respect comes partially from this integration of the
empty space in all which, having been one of the characteristics
of the baroque style, agrees with the modern postulates.

The material conceals the practical aspects,
the immaterial creates the real core.

This work is inspired by J.S. Bach, the infallible architect of sounds and rhythms who succeeded materializing with his genius the exact analogy of authenticity and freedom which characterises the «Equilibrium».

The rhythm makes the whole world vibrate, so much it is true that the rhythm counts in the birth of any form of life. Every creature grows and develops at rhythmic intervals, and even the smoke, the forest, the wheat fields or the sand dunes quiver in a rhythm, under the influence of the wind…

Never before the profound signification, the strength of the rhythm, were expressed with so much lucidity as in music and in dance. Multiple possibilities to apprehend the rhythmic values are offered to the dance by examples taken from life and music.

The distances (in Time and in Space) between the dancers sketch the choreographic lines and the dance vocabulary defines the punctuations in variable time units, more or less accented.

Aenaon Dance Theater - Daniel Lommel