for 9 female & 1 male dancers

First performance: 03/05/2006, Theatre Meli of Athens
Music: Youri Stoupel, Françoise Barrière, Manuel de Falla

The elegy of M. Hernandez «Elegia a la muerte de Garcia Lorca», introduces us to the world of the Residence «ALBA»; a world of silence and conflicts, the infernal world of solitude with a suffocating atmosphere where a bland smell of death reigns. A world in which Bernarda steers in absolute despot…

The rigour of a man who wanted to write his last play on the day he was condemned to death, combined with a personal evidence when I was confronted with the overwhelming majority of female dancers who attended my dance class, became my source of inspiration. Afterwards, the various elements of the characters as explained by Lorca himself grew into pilots for the construction of the structure of the work.

Then, why a male dancer for the role of Bernarda? Simply, because with the use of that name, Lorca wanted to underline the strength of the character. It is about a linguistic root which results from the German «bär», that is with the strength of the bear.

From that moment on, the separate elements until then became connected to each other…

Aenaon Dance Theater - Daniel Lommel