for 9 female & 6 male dancers

First performance: 09/06/2009, Theatre Katerina Vassilakou of Athens
Music: Jacques Brel, Barbara, Édith Piaf

I met Jacques Brel for the first time in 1968, at the Royal Theatre of La Monnaie in Brussels, during the period of his rehearsals for the music hall «The Man from La Mancha», where he inter-preted the role of Don Quixote. He was cheerful and generous with those who were close to him, but he had in fact a rather shy and tortured soul. His exposure to dance and the dancers was limited, mainly because he was dedicated to his own work.

On the contrary, Barbara was present in numerous rehearsals; she appreciated the dancers of the company. She was relished every moment being among them, while she was waiting for her own rehearsals with Maurice Béjart, for the preparation of a motion picture which was never released at the movie theatres. This tall woman dressed in black has always impressed me. In my mind, she still remains engraved in bold. Often, I have even associated her with my own mother…

As for Édith Piaf, I was able to appreciate her musical and theatrical genius only as a simple spectator…

Aenaon Dance Theater - Daniel Lommel