1 - M. as… (A tribute to Mahler’s 100th and Mitropoulos’ 50th death anniversaries)
for 8 female & 2 male dancers

First performance: 10/06/2011, Theatre Argo of Athens
Music: Gustav Mahler, 3rd Symphony, 6th movement : «What Love Tells Me»
Music: Dimitris Mitropoulos, 14 Invenzioni on the poems of Cavafy, for voice and piano
Scenery: Andreas Kontellis

Aenaon Dance Theater

Between the two men, there is a gesture which unites them in death, the one of the Conductor of the orchestra. Even though both of them were composers of genius, Mitropoulos died in the service of Mahler’s music.

This episode guided me in imagining this performance, using at the same time dancing and spoken parts.

The ‘14 Invenzioni’ of Mitropoulos on poems by Cavafy, and the last movement of the 3rd Symphony of Mahler «What Love says to me», thus define a strange testimony of two men in quest of the Absolute…

Aenaon Dance Theater - Daniel Lommel