for 11 female & 1 male dancers

First performance: 26/08/2011, Palais de l'Europe du Touquet-Paris-Plage
Music: Maurice Ravel, with the Orchestre of Douai, under direction of Fabrice Parmentier
Costumes: Andreas Kontellis

Aenaon Dance Theater

Bolero was created at the ‘Opera de Garnier’ on 22 of November 1928, from its dedicatee, the dancer Ida Rubinstein.

The birth of the melody has been reported by the colleague and friend of Ravel, Gustave Samazeuilh. While on holiday with him at “Saint-Jean-de-Luz” during the summer of 1928, he described how the composer, before going swimming in the morning, had played him a theme with only one finger at the piano, explaining:

«Mrs. Rubinstein asked me for a ballet. Don’t you find this theme to be insistent? I will try to repeat it a number of times, without any development, graduating with my best my Orchestra. It could become a success like Madelon… »

This singular work, which was considered by Ravel as a simple study of orchestration, has been, since its creation, the object of a vast diffusion becoming, even in our days, one of the most performed musical works in the world. But the huge popularity of Bolero tends to conceal the extent of its originality and the true intentions of its composer.

Aenaon Dance Theater - Daniel Lommel